ADHD friendly tool

The day I realized I had ADHD, all of the work-related trouble that had plagued me over the years immediately began to make sense. Why did it seem like such a struggle to stay organized, or to follow through on what I had already scheduled myself to do? I’ll get to various techniques and apps that have helped with those problems, but there was another problem I constantly ran into. Sifting through folders to find files and programs I needed for the various tasks and projects had felt mentally taxing.

Something else fell into place: Why certain software was unusually helpful for me. One of these programs is a software called Launcher, by Microsys Tools. It’s a launcher that you can customize to launch any folder, file, program, or webpage, all from the same interface.

This has been especially useful for me since my work entails a ton of seemingly unrelated tasks and projects, which means the files, folders, and programs that I use are all over the place, as they have nothing to do with each other.

And of course, having ADHD means that shifting gears and sifting through various folders and files feels like an uphill battle thanks to working memory issues.

And this is where Launcher comes in. Opening the app from my taskbar and quickly having access to the files and folders that I use for 90% of what I do is far more efficient and seamless than minimizing windows, scrolling around, typing into the search, etc.

For example, for the web work that I do, I have several programs, as well as files that I use. So rather than sifting through my computer to open the folders, files, and programs that I need, I simply open a folder in Launcher. And this folder contains shortcuts to all of those assets. Ditto with other things, like files and programs that I use for tracking expenses.

The program is amazingly simple to use. The installation process is easy and adding the folders, files or webpages you’re going to want to use is pretty intuitive.

The amount of time and mental energy this saves me throughout the day is invaluable. So if you happen to spend a lot of time behind a PC, and do a lot of seemingly unrelated tasks, Launcher might work wonders for you. Doubly so if you have ADHD.

You can download MicroSys Launcher from this page (free).

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